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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Gluten-Mental Health Connection

A hundred years ago, schizophrenia was known as "wheat-madness", yet today - most are surprised that there is a connection between gluten/wheat and mental health. I am not an expert, but witnessed a transformation in my husband when my son was diagnosed with celiac and we all went gluten free. Yes, it turned out that celiac/gluten was his problems too... but the mental health connection - that blew us away.  And so the research began and it became evident that gluten plays a role for many living with mental illness. Here is a collection of findings and professional articles - note the gluten connection to schitzophrenia has been documented/studied for some time, while the connection to bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, adhd, etc is "newer" with less evidence. Celiac disease is often referenced but note that the newly accepted Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity shares common symptoms but is more difficult to diagnose.

Markers of Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease in Bipolar Disorder

Neurologic and psychiatric manifestatio - PubMed Mobile

Is Gluten Making You Depressed? | Psychology Today

Evolutionary Psychiatry: Gluten and Schizophrenia Again (with an added splash of Toxo!)

Can Eating Wheat Cause Psychiatric Problems?

The Hidden Link Between Gluten Grains and Schizophrenia

Studies show gluten sensitivity in people labeled with schizophrenia and bipolar (and how gluten can effect a lot of us regardless of dx) | Beyond Meds

Developmental Disorders and Dairy Products, Grains, Gluten and Other Proteins

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